PSLS’ Morning Wood Episode 006: A Boy and His Guitar

Welcome to episode 6 of Morning Wood – this week I grab a guitar primarily to look good, but attempts are made to play it too. I share my thoughts on EA being voted the worst company in America and I implore you to help me come up with a feasible name for the Morning Wood fans. This week also features the return of the very popular Sebastian Asks feature, and we find out a terrible secret about Jason Dunning. Here’s a hint: He spells ‘favorite’ with a ‘U’.

This Morning Wood lasts a long time. I may need to see a doctor, but meanwhile, enjoy episode 6 below.

How was this packed episode of Morning Wood? Does a video over 20 minutes satisfy with a plethora of Wood-carved content or do I need to learn to quit rambling? Am I slacking on the Wood jokes? Does anyone feel like giving me guitar lessons, or at least coming over and tuning the damn thing? Send your comments, questions, suggestions, and lawsuits to [email protected] and follow me on Twitter @FinchStrife. Be sure to leave your public opinion in the comments below and I’ll see you all next week when you wake up with Morning Wood.