All Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Changes to the Original Game Detailed

Releasing to the masses on April 23rd in North America and April 26th in Europe at retail and on the PSN, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a $39.99/€29.99/£19.99 enhanced version of the original Dragon’s Dogma. You can see everything new that Dark Arisen brings to the overall package here, but if you want to know what has been changed for the original Dragon’s Dogma found within Dark Arisen, check it out below:


  • Various attacks and skills for all weapons have been rebalanced for all weapons.


  • Made the Ur-Dragon corpse’s collision boundary smaller so players can now pick up drop items more easily.
  • Undead enemies will now come out of the ground with higher defense stats (super armor mode).
-When Saurians die after being knocked down, they will now use a special death animation for when they are on the ground.
  • Goblin Shamans will appear in the Witchwood.
-Eliminators will appear on the Tainted Mountain.
  • Pyre Saurians will appear on the Tainted Mountain.
-Golden Knights and Silver Knights will appear in the Everfall (before the destruction of Gran Soren).
  • Gorecyclopes (condemned type) will appear in the Shadow Fort.
-Living Armor will appear in the Catacombs.
  • Wyverns (strong type) will appear at Bluemoon Tower.
  • Wyrms (strong type) will appear at the Watergod’s Altar.
  • Drakes (strong type) will appear in the Everfall after the destruction of Gran Soren.


  • Adjusted how often pawns will talk by spacing out less important lines; in effect, making them seem to talk less.
  • Adjusted and balanced the equipment and skills of all of the high-level pawns that are available to a player when they’re playing offline.
  • Adjusted how much it costs to hire a pawn that is higher-leveled than yourself down to a more realistic scale.
  • Added a Monthly ranking to the pawn’s Top Ranked section.


  • You will not gain Affinity with Assalam simply by talking to him anymore.

Items & Equipment

  • Adjusted how much Ferrystones cost and how much they sell for. (Purchase price: 20000 >5000 | Sell price: 3500>1250)
  • Adjusted how much Premium Rings and Premium Earrings cost. (Purchase price: 1,500,000>150,000 Rift Crystals | Purchase price 3,000,000>300,000 Rift Crystals)
  • Tweaked stat increases for weapon upgrades (increases weaker upgrades, decreases ones that were too strong). Tweaks affect 68 different weapons.
  • Dramatically increased base stats for 12 weapons obtainable by defeating the Dragon.
  • Improved base stats for 10 Magick Bows


  • A Portcrystal that allows players to return to Cassardis has been added just outside Cassardis’s gate
  • A character/warp point that allows players to travel between Bitterblack Isle and Cassardis has been added to Cassardis’s pier.
  • Added a removable Portcrystal to the following areas: The Gran Soren Everfall (before a certain plot point. . . .), The Shadow Fort, The Witchwood, Hillfigure Knoll.

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