People Can Fly Founder: Bulletstorm “Wasn’t a Failure but it was Very So-So”

Launching all the way back in February 2011, Bulletstorm from People Can Fly and Epic Games failed to be a big success, which led to production on Bulletstorm 2 being cancelled.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Adrian Chmielarz, Founder of People Can Fly (who left the company in 2012), said that “we did want to make Bulletstorm 2, and actually there was a concept and, I think, it would be an amazing game.” Sadly, we’ll never get to see how amazing the sequel could have been, with Adrian citing the economic crisis as a reason for the original’s shortcomings and that they “were one of the first victims.”

He continued that thought by mentioning that people would say something like “”$60 dollars? I want like 100,000 hours of gameplay out of this game”” and “that’s why, since Bulletstorm, I don’t think there’s a game – even sequels – where you have 8-10 hours single-player with multiplayer no one cares about … that basically sold well since 2011.”

Getting back to the production side of Bulletstorm 2, before People Can Fly moved on to do Gears of War: Judgment, they “analysed what we could for the sequel [to Bulletstorm], what we have control over, and it would be an amazing game. But it was also very risky, because you don’t have that many examples of games where the first part was doing so-so – it wasn’t a failure but it was very so-so – and then the sequel suddenly kaboomed. So it was a big risk.”

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