Sony Says PlayStation Store is “Noticeably Perkier”, Users Say it Still Sags

The PlayStation Store has consistently been an area of complaint for consumers. It’s early iterations lacked functionality and aesthetics. Updates soon made the store more functional, but it was not pretty to look at. The most recent update turned that all around. The storefront is now pretty to look at, but the functionality, efficiency, and speed are very questionable.

The addition of the online storefront and remote downloads has added some increased functionality, however the store app on the PS3 is still decidedly slow, clunky, and a chore to use. This may be changing though. According to the official PlayStation Twitter account, the PlayStation Store is now “perkier” with the full tweet saying:

Do not be alarmed: PlayStation Store performance is now *noticeably* perkier. Try it out and let us know what you think!

I explored the PlayStation Store after installing an update and was unable to notice any *significant* improvements. Content windows may have loaded up slightly faster, but I was still met with numerous loading screens, pauses, and delays when moving between the menus. In my experience, this “perky” update seems to just be sagging.

Have you tried out the new “noticeably perkier” storefront? Do you notice a difference or is Sony just blowing smoke on this one? Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of the PlayStation Store’s perky plastic surgery. Did Sony go with a top of the line surgeon or was this just a back-alley job?

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