Game Informer Reveals PS4 Racer DriveClub Details: Will be “one of the Biggest Titles for Sony From a DLC Perspective”

This morning, Game Informer promised a blowout PS4 issue that would release today digitally. Now that the issue is out, new details have spilled out, including information about the PS4 exclusive racer DriveClub (via GE).

A bunch more cars will be added through DLC, with the publication saying that it will be “one of the biggest titles for Sony from a DLC perspective”, which hopefully doesn’t mean that the original content is going to be lacking.

You will be able to play offline in single player, but online is the focus, with user-created race challenges encouraged – you can create events based on parameters like car type, track, time of day and weather and you can make them last over several days in large multi-stage events.

Singleplayer races are tracked by a single profile, but team accomplishments are grouped together for a larger success. Small achievements all add to the team’s overall XP, such as getting the fastest lap, drifting 1000 meters or going 0 to 60 the fastest.

You will be able to use apps outside of DriveClub, presumably on the phone, to make challenges, and can spread accomplishments and media through the usual social media channels.

Evolution Studios will be creating their own season of league racing through weekly online race events.

Cars can take damage, but that won’t determine how they handle. The game is not a simulation-based racer, with AI lying somewhere between arcade and sim. Koenigsegg, Maserati, Pagani and Hennessey have cars in the game, but you start off with less glamorous cars. As you’d expect, you race to increase your funds and fame to get better cars.

The DualShock 4′s touchpad will be mostly used for menu navigation, but is also being considered for cameras.

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