ToeJam & Earl Creator is “Hopeful” He’ll be Able to Talk Sony Into Another Game

Just a short while ago, we let you know that HumaNature was bringing Doki-Doki Universe to the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. At the same time, we told you that Greg Johnson was the Founder of the studio and is someone whose previous work includes being a creator on ToeJam & Earl.

It’s clear that fans of the franchise were present on the PS Blog today as one commenter wished that there was another game in the series, to which Greg replied:

Believe me I haven’t forgotten or given up. I’m hopeful that I may be able to talk Sony into another TJ&E game, so if you really want one make some noise so Sony will hear you. Well, we gotta finish this game first and make it great. Other developers have approached me, BTW, and asked if they could make a new TJ&E game but I want to reserve that pleasure for myself. Sorry it’s taking so darned long.

Keeping with that ToeJam & Earl theme, Johnson teased that we may see them in Doki-Doki Universe by saying, “I don’t want to spill the bean, but keep your eyes out for a couple alien dudes when you’re playing Doki-Doki Universe.”

As for DDU, he mentioned that “one of the steeds you get to ride on is a giant cute flying poo,” something that didn’t sit perfectly with Sony:

We had this in the game when we first showed Sony and they said – “uh…poo? You fly on a poo? You will be able to fly around on other things too, right?” so we said “uh YEAH! of course! and we scrambled and added a bunch of other steed to the game – just so we could be sure to keep the poo. 😉 I hope you like the game.

Would you buy a new ToeJam & Earl? Should they rename Doki-Doki to Dookie-Dookie? Let us know in the comments below.