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Xbox One Joke About Finding TVs “So Challenging!” Made Into Twitter ad by Oblivious @Xbox Account

The following, bafflingly, is true.

Before today, no one knew who Microsoft would target with their next Xbox. The original Xbox clearly focused on the dudebro gamers and online players, but the latter half of the 360’s life increasingly abandoned the core and embraced Kinect fans and Netflix users. With Sony aiming mostly for core gamers, where Microsoft aims their Xbox One will deeply impact its chances at success. With the One reveal event, we talked about the fact that games made up a small part of the show, with favor given to TV features, but commented on how it was still a side-feature rather than a main selling point.

Xbox’s Twitter account, on the other hand, believes that there is a group of consumers out there unable to work out how to watch TV.

As a joke, Carolyn Petit tweeted:

Every night when I watch TV, I think, “It’s just all so challenging! THERE’S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!” Finally, there is. #XboxOne

Upon seeing this Tweet, @Xbox proudly made the tweet into an ad (without asking for permission) – “A better way to watch TV:”


Said ad is viewable right up top on hashtag searches for XboxOne. While this is hilarious, the sad thing here is that Xbox thinks that real people actually too stupid to work TVs exist in great enough numbers to make them a feasible target audience.

Oh the future is bright.