NHL 14 Won’t Appear on the PS4/XBO This Year, EA Looks Forward to Creating a “Best-in-Class Hockey Experience” on Next-Gen in the Future

The rumors are true as EA has confirmed that NHL 14 won’t be making an appearance on next generation consoles this year, despite their Madden, FIFA, NBA, and UFC franchises all releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One within the next 12 months.

This news comes via a statement from EA, which reads:

NHL 14 will not be available for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 this year. Our team is laser-focused on delivering the greatest hockey experience to-date on the Xbox 360 and PS3, grounded in the speed, skill, and aggression of the sport. We look forward to developing a best-in-class hockey experience for new platforms in the future.

The most obvious reason for NHL 14 skipping next-gen this year is that, while the NHL games do exceptionally well in Canada, overall it doesn’t hold a candle to the sales EA sees with the Madden and FIFA franchises.

Voting is still happening for the NHL 14 cover art, so head over here to make your pick for the game scheduled to release this September.

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