Big Soul Sacrifice Patch 1.10 Released, Takes up 61MB and Adds New Features

You don’t have to wait until the PlayStation Store fully updates in North America today to get your hands on some of the new Soul Sacrifice DLC that was released today for free, as some of it has already popped up. In order to improve the base game itself though, patch 1.10 just went live, with the full list of notes placed below:

[Thanks for the tip Saul!]

New Feature: Post

  • Added Facebook and Twitter features.

New Feature: Discovery Pacts

  • Pacts in which you collect ‘memories’ using AR cards have been added.

New Features Added to Options

  • Added the ability to adjust camera speed, Mind’s Eye color schemes, and other such functions.

Multiplayer Features Added

  • Added a button to allow collection of lacrima while in online room, and improved the online room search function.

Added Data Relating to Additional Content

  • Additional content may be downloaded the via the PS Store.

Changed Features

  • The effects etc., of some sigils have been adjusted
  • The power, behavior, etc., of some spells has been adjusted
  • New types of battle results have been added
  • Some of the action on the ‘Right Arm’ screen have been improved
  • Some adjustments have been made to communication processing during multiplayer mode
  • Some of the actions relating to the chat feature have been changed
  • Other minor changes have been implemented

Bug Fixes

  • Other minor bugs have been fixed

Do you already have the patch installed? Are you happy to be receiving free DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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