F2P PS3 Exclusive Tekken Revolution Gets Trailer, Out June 11th

With E3 and The Last of Us, next week is busy enough, but the PS3 is set to get yet another exclusive game – Tekken Revolution.

To get you excited, the debut trailer has been released, with King, Paul, Lili, Asuka, Marshall, Steve, Alisa and Lars all on display:

The game is out on June 11th as a free download, but we don’t know how they plan to make money – perhaps each character will cost a small amount money. As for why it’s not on 360, Katsuhiro Harada tweeted:

Ask Microsoft yourself. I already asked them about free to play [on] the console last year.

In related Harada news, the Tekken creator was recently reported missing by his colleagues after not turning up to work for a week, but he then revealed he had been ill and spent the time at home playing games and drinking tequila.

Are you looking forward to Tekken Revolution? Or are you worried that the game being F2P might ruin it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.