Adam Boyes on the PS4: “I Think Reducing the Barriers to Get Gamers Onto the Platform is Critical”; Talks #PS4NoDRM Campaign

Adam Boyes, VP of Third Party Relations at SCEA, is back yet again with news from his roundtable, where he was asked if their MO of having fun is reflected in their used game policy, no online check-in, and the PS4’s price:

I think reducing the barriers to get gamers onto the platform is critical. You know, we’re in the business of delivering as many consoles as we can and creating a great value proposition, despite having amazing RAM. That’s always the challenge of ‘how do you deliver that great gaming at the right price?’ And I think we found the right price.

Moving onto the gamers themselves, specifically the #PS4NoDRM campaign, Adam was actually in a meeting with Jack Tretton when it was trending, and he got on his whiteboard, putting “here’s the world, here’s what we’re leaning towards right now, and here’s the feedback, so we’re leaning in that direction, let’s just lock it in.” They had always intended to not include DRM, used games restrictions, etc, but those things factored into the conversation.

Though Adam doesn’t know when the decision was made for all the policies with the PS4, he did say, “We knew that we hadn’t built any sort of participating retailer systems” for used game restrictions because “nobody asked for it.” Also, in a bit of a funny piece of news, before Adam was officially told the PS4 is $399, he told the roundtable that Andrew House said “‘the price would be har har har har'” and “they just had x’s as the prices” during practice runs of the confeerence.

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