Morning Wood Episode 015: E3 Edition

Welcome to another episode of Morning Wood a day late, but not a Wood short. You may notice that the episode is very short and of a different quality than prior Morning Woods. This is due to a long week at E3 and a lack of my usual filming tools. I’m tired, I still have tons of writing to do, and I hate to remind myself, but I have to get back to my day job on Monday. I also found out that my phone video camera doesn’t like to sync up the audio and video perfectly.

If you were looking for more of an E3 experience, be sure to read my Diaries of an E3 Virgin series. You can find day zero here, day one here, day two here, and you guessed it! Day three here. Beyond that, make sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all of the E3 previews that we will be publishing this week and a special Best of E3 article on Monday. You can also go back through the older articles during the week of E3 to catch up on all the news you might have missed. And hey, I was featured in the Sony press conference live stream, so lets just call that the unofficial Morning Wood for this week.

Also, there may be an upcoming change to the formatting and way that I do Morning Wood each week for the sake of easier viewership and less stress on me. Stay tuned for next week’s episode for more details on those changes. You can email me all of your thoughts at [email protected] and follow me on Twitter @FinchStrife. Wood out!