Nolan North has “no Idea” About Uncharted 4, Says “It’s Always More fun to Play the Bad Guy”

Nolan North, previously known as the busiest voice actor in game before Troy Baker decided to take that title, is recently coming off seeing his latest starring performance as Deadpool in Deadpool (expect Cameron’s review soon).

Previously, Nolan has voiced characters in the Assassin’s Creed games, Shadow Complex, Prince of Persia, Dark Void and so many more, but as he told Eurogamer, “Since the success of [Uncharted], I’ve done less and less characters like [Nathan Drake].” This answer was brought about after North was asked if he was worried about being typecast, to which he said, “I don’t really worry about being typecast, because I know I can do other voices.”

In fact, Nolan is “actually more attracted to doing characters” with other voices because “it’s always more fun to play the bad guy,” which he explained in further detail:

I want to be in games where people go, ‘that was really cool’ and then they see the credits and go “oh my god! that was Nolan!’ That’s what makes me happy. I like when people don’t recognise it. I’m always grateful to the guys at Rocksteady who cast me to do the Penguin, because it was so far away from what I normally do.

While Nolan may be known for voicing a myriad of different characters, none is more famous that Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. When he was asked about Uncharted 4, he gave a standard answer of “I have no idea,” saying that “Naughty Dog is busy with The Last of Us, which is supposed to be fantastic, but they’ve been really, really busy with that.” He then finished up saying that he’s “hoping, but I really don’t know. The fact that I don’t know is always disconcerting, but we’ll see.”

Do you think Nolan is being truthful when he says he has no idea about Uncharted 4? Or do you think the game is in production right now? Let us know in the comments below.