The PlayRoom to be Pre-Loaded on Every PS4

While we didn’t get a chance to try out The PlayRoom on PS4 at E3, Sony did release this tech demo during the event, showing off how the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Camera interact with the AR games:

Thanks to a recent posting on the UK PlayStation site (searching ‘The PlayRoom‘ on the US site gets this movie), they went even more in-depth about The PlayRoom, mentioning how it uses the DualShock 4’s features:

  • Light Bar: This is tracked by the PlayStation Camera to create interactive on-screen effects, such as holographic panels that hover around you.
  • Motion Sensor and improved dual motors: Once your robot helper, Asobi, has beamed some AR Bots into your DualShock 4 wireless controller, you can rock it in your hands to feel them tumbling around inside. Or you can swing and sway your DualShock 4 wireless controller in a game of holographic Air Hockey, where you can stretch, twist and bend the board to gain the upper hand.
  • Touch Pad: Used for scrolling and interacting with the various augmented reality menus. You can also use this to flick objects out of the DualShock 4 wireless controller for the loveable AR Bots to play with.

As you saw in the video, there’s also the ability to draw something and flick it onto the TV using a touchscreen, with supported devices including tablets, smartphones, and the PlayStation Vita.

Finally, the site nonchalantly mentioned that The PlayRoom “comes pre-loaded on PS4,” though since it requires the PlayStation Camera to work, you will have to shell out the extra $60 for everything to work.

Knowing that The PlayRoom is free, are you going to buy the camera just to play it? Let us know in the comments below.