Walmart Announces ‘Second Chance’ PS4 and Xbox One Launch Pre-Orders, Starting August 24th

August 20, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


With over a million PS4s already pre-ordered, and places like Amazon sold out of launch editions, you might think that you missed your chance to get the console at launch. Luckily, you have another chance.

US mega-retailer Walmart has announced that they’ll start taking PS4/Xbox One pre-orders in store from August 24th… while stock lasts. “Customers are encouraged to secure the pre-order early as quantities are limited.”

Now here’s what you have to do:

  • Go to Walmart on Saturday
  • Find an associate in the Electronics department
  • Give a 10% down payment – $40 for PS4 and $50 for Xbox One
  • Make payments over time or in full when the console becomes available.
  • Pick up the console on the launch date/until December 13, 2013.

Laura Phillips, senior vice president of Entertainment for Walmart U.S., said:

We know millions of our customers can’t wait to get their hands on the Xbox One and PS4. As the current market share leader in video game hardware and accessories, customers can trust Walmart to have the latest gaming consoles and new releases available at a great low price.

As the largest retailer of video game hardware and accessories in the US, according to the NPD, it will be interesting to see what number the PS4 manages to reach by November 15th.