Housemarque: ResoGun on PS Vita Not Possible in Its Current Form; “Rumors can get us Into Serious Troubles”

August 21, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Part of the 33 launch titles on PS4, ResoGun is the “spiritual successor” to Super Stardust, with developer Housemarque detailing what you can expect from the 2D shooter yesterday.

On their Twitter account, Housemarque talked a little bit more about ResoGun, mentioning how the background environments are destructible and that the plot is: “They are attacking us! Let’s blast them out.”

Inevitability, the question of a possible PlayStation Vita version was brought up, with Housemarque saying, “Not in the current form, too many voxels to handle, that exploding stuff requires a lot of muscles. But who knows.” Probably due to an overwhelming amount of the same question, they then sent out a broad answer that read, “For those asking about ResoGun on Vita: we are focusing on PS4 for the time being, taking advantage of the platform’s muscles :).”

Also likely due to a bunch of the same questions, Housemarque said, “There’s not gonna be any Dead Nation news from us at gamescom. We will unveil our second PS4 project in the future. You’ll find out then :).” Then, when someone jokingly said that tweet confirmed Dead Nation 2, they sent out a foreboding message:

Sorry buddy but some forged rumors can get us into serious troubles, and some of our projects can get pulled. Careful!

So, the moral of that tweet is that you shouldn’t make up rumors.

Do you think we’ll see ResoGun come to PlayStation Vita at some point down the road? Let us know in the comments below.

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