Housemarque: Current PS4 Project is the “Biggest Project We Have Been Working on So Far”

In an interview with Digital Gathering, Housemarque’s Community Manager, Tommaso De Benetti, gave some details about an upcoming Resogun expansion as well as the studio’s next PS4 title that is currently under development.  He says that while the expansion is pretty much finished, they can’t release it just yet.

Well I wish we could just press a button and make it happen, truth is that there are some technical times we can’t skip. QA (Quality assurance) alone takes 2 weeks, and that’s assuming they don’t find any bug, plus marketing and blog space on Sony’s side have to align, you have to try not to overlap with other products, etc.

It’s complicated. I don’t think players really understand what goes on behind the scenes other than “the game is ready”

De Benetti didn’t have too much to say on their current project, but did say it is “the biggest project we have been working on so far”. He also wouldn’t reveal the code name or even the game genre, but did confirm that it is not a driving game. Supposedly some hints are found in the Resogun introduction video where there is a mention of another PS4 title coming from Housemarque.

We realized afterwards that that video gives away A LOT more than we initially intended. Luckily people failed to put the pieces together, I guess. At that point we knew that Climax Studios was working on the PS4-PSVita ports (Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition), but the video wasn’t referring to those, so I’d suggest you start watching it in loop until you have a eureka moment.

It’s all there, really.

Here is the video.

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