Resogun Update Today Adds HDR & 4K PS4 Pro Support

February 17, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


With the new Resogun update today on PlayStation 4, developer Housemarque brought HDR and 4K PS4 Pro support, fixed some bugs, and included some vfx additions. According to PlayStation Europe, Resogun on PS4 Pro also includes “improved graphical quality.”

Resogun 4K+HDR patch has super sampling in Full HD on PS4 Pro,” Housemarque added on Twitter. In response to a question about a 4K video to show off the new update, they said, “We don’t have 4K Resogun videos to upload today, but let’s see if the community gets some out during the weekend.”

In some previous tweets, Housemarque revealed that they’re aiming to release Nex Machina in summer 2017, “but will release when it’s done.” As for Alienation, there’s no more content in the pipeline.

Will you be playing Resogun this weekend?

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