Sucker Punch: Many inFamous: Second Son Details “Only Made Possible Thanks to the PS4”, Extra Power is “Awesome”

Launching in February 2014, with a pre-order bonus just announced, inFamous: Second Son is set to be one of the biggest PS4 exclusives of next year. In an interview with the PlayStation Blogcast, Nate Fox, Game Director on Second Son, talked about how they are taking advantage of the PlayStation 4 hardware:

Well, a lot of the details of the world are only made possible thanks to the PS4. A lot of cool things like rain-slicked pavement with reflective lights… those kind of details, they make you feel like the world is happening, or that it’s very real. Again, we try as best we can to make this very strong foundation of reality so that when we add in superpowers, you think they could happen.

And with the superpowers, there’s no way we could have made them in the last generation with all of the particles and lighting and reactive physics – it’s awesome to have the extra horsepower. And all of that is at the player’s fingertips, right? We’re giving players these powers so that they can mess things up and cause mayhem and help people, but you just get to unleash these big torrents of fireworks displays.

When asked about all the different powers Delsin gets access to, Nate replied:

You start off as a person who does not have powers, but the action is pretty, pretty fast. I mean, we are gamers first and foremost, right? So we want to make sure that when you put in the disc, it’s on and you’re engaged in a big way right off the bat.

We give you powers all along the way of the game so that you’re constantly getting new toys to play with – you don’t get a huge bump at the top of the game and then you get nothing new – we give them out over time so that you’re always engaged, you always have something to master. And as you master those skills, they also improve to give you something else to master.

Like previous games, you can expect the powers to change based on if you play the game ‘good’ or ‘evil’.

What powers, other than smoke, do you hope to have access to early in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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