“No Plans” for Split-Screen Co-op in Killzone: Shadow Fall, Multiplayer Expansions Don’t Divide the Player Base

After we first discovered that Guerrilla Games’ website listed Killzone: Shadow Fall as not having split-screen, we saw that it was indeed true, but you will be able to enter into some online co-op with the newly detailed content in the Season Pass.

Following that Season Pass news, Poria Torkan, Producer at Guerrilla Games, answered a few questions on the PS Blog, replying to one person with, “We currently have no plans for split-screen.”

As for the online co-op though, it won’t divide the playerbase, as Poria noted:

The multiplayer expansion packs will be charged for, however, they do not divide the player base – e.g. you will still be able to play with players who have not purchased the multiplayer expansion pack, they will have additional options.

Torkan then explained the decision for having the Season Pass:

This is the biggest title that we have created yet and we will be there at the launch of the PS4. That said, we want to continue to support Killzone Shadow Fall extensively after launch and we’ve heard from the community that they would love to have co-op and a continued expansion of the multiplayer experience. And don’t forget that we are offering our post launch multiplayer maps for free to everyone.

Killzone: Shadow Fall launches alongside the PS4 this November in the US/Canada and many other countries.

Since it doesn’t appear Killzone: Shadow Fall will ever be getting split-screen, how badly do you hope that the next Killzone game on PS4 will have it? Let us know in the comments below.