Keiji Inafune on Soul Sacrifice: “It’s Done Pretty Well” and “Is One of the Best-Selling Games” for PlayStation Vita

Joining the likes of Naughty Dog, 2K Marin, Deep Silver, Volition, Ellen Page and more, Keiji Inafune threw his hat into the Reddit AMA ring yesterday, answering a very small amount of questions poised to him from some fans.

When the topic of Soul Sacrifice’s sales on the PlayStation Vita came up, Keiji talked about how successful it’s been so far:

Both we and Sony are happy with how Soul Sacrifice has done so far, hence the Delta version coming next year [in Japan]. We have even greater hopes that that game!

Of course if you compare the numbers to games for other systems they might not seem so large, but as a Vita title it’s done pretty well, and is one of the best-selling games for the system. Also, we put in extra effort with Soul Sacrifice to go after some of the other Asian markets, which Sony seemed to appreciate.

Most likely the majority of sales came from Japan, but it’s always nice to hear of a Vita success story and hopefully Soul Sacrifice Delta gets localized next year.

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