GameStop Addresses Missing Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre-order DLC on Receipts, Here’s How to Get it

Now that Killzone: Shadow Fall is available for purchase in Canada and the United States, people who pre-ordered the game have gone to pick up their copy ahead of launch at GameStop, only to find that the pre-order Shadow Pack DLC code is missing on their receipt.

After some people asked Shuhei Yoshida, he forwarded it to Executive Producer Angie Smets, who received a response from GameStop:

GameStop had a voucher issue but it’s fixed now. Everybody who pre-ordered but didn’t get the code on their receipt can either go back to the GameStop store and have a voucher code printed for free, or call GameStop customer service and get a code.

Were you one of the people who missed out on the code? Let us know in the comments below.

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