SOE President on EverQuest Next for PS4: “I Can’t Wait to see it on the PS4”

Sony Online Entertainment was already represented at the PS4 launch with the release of DC Universe Online, and will have another release in 2014 when Planetside 2 comes out.

Past that, SOE President John Smedley talked a little bit about whether EverQuest Next would make the leap to PS4 in an interview with Gamerhub (via CVG):

We haven’t announced, technically, that we’re putting it on PlayStation 4, but it’s fair to say that we’re a Sony company so, you know, I say that with a smile on my face. I can’t wait to see it on the PS4.

Smedley continued by discussing how he sees F2P titles on the PS4, and what they’ve learned from PS3 titles that they’re applying to PS4:

“Free-to-play gaming is taking a very large role on the PlayStation 4. In fact, you’re going to see a number of free-to-play games at launch – including ours – and we think it’s going to be the biggest opportunity in free-to-play gaming right now.”

” […] The PlayStation 4 architecture really lends itself well to gaming of all types, but online gaming, and particularly MMOs, are really, really good because we can use this stable platform that we know everybody’s got the same hardware and bring it to this huge number of people. So that stable base is probably the biggest advantage that PS4 offers.”

John also mentioned how the PS4’s 8GB of RAM is “like developing on a really super high-end PC, but it’s even better than that.”

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