PS4 Launch in Canada was “By Far the Largest” in Canadian Gaming History, Sold Out Across the Country

November 19, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


It’s unlikely that we’ll ever find out just how many of the 1 million PS4s sold on November 15th were done in Canada, but as Sony Canada VP and GM Steve Turvey told GI.Biz, “The launch was a huge success by any standard of measurement. It was by far the largest launch in gaming history in Canada.”

Turvey continued by saying how “we launched more units than we have ever in any console launch across any platform at any time, and by far the most. Three times, four times as much as we’ve done historically, and still demand seems to be unsated.” Unsurprisingly, he revealed how, other than some pre-orders, the PS4 is sold out across the country.

Despite being sold out right now, Turvey believes Sony Canada will “have a nice healthy supply of inventory that we’ll continue to flow into the marketplace.”

As for the performance of some of the launch games, he was “excited” about Killzone: Shadow Fall’s sales, with Knack off to a solid start, and more sales expected to come in the holidays. Looking at the DualShock 4, he says it attached well, but when it comes to the PlayStation Camera, he didn’t comment on the numbers, just that he personally thinks “it’s pretty integral to the experience.”

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