“Concerns” Over High PS4 UK Digital Game Prices Being Voiced, EA Drops the Price of Their Titles Slightly

November 25, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Late last week, the majority of PlayStation 4 games in the UK had their prices and download sizes revealed on the PlayStation Store, with most of them being much higher than their retail price.

After many upset people posted on the PS Blog, SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton replied to a few of them:

“I’m afraid I can’t comment on pricing of third party titles. All I can say is that the Store team make every effort to offer the best value possible.”

“I will raise concerns voiced in this thread with the Store team.”

In what seems to be a reply to some of the feedback, EA games that were previously £62.99 are now down a little bit to £59.99:


If you’d like to check out those PS4 games without using a PS3, they just updated the PS4 section on the Sony Entertainment Network website. Now you can buy some of those PS4 games, get Resogun or Contrast for free if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, or get a PlayStation Plus discount on Super Motherload or Trine 2: Complete Story.

Are you going to pay £59.99 for digital versions of EA games? Let us know in the comments below.