War Thunder’s PS4 Release Date in North America Likely Delayed; No Cross Platform Play or Remote Play at Launch

November 27, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Friday, November 29th in North America was supposed to bring us flOw, Escape Plan, and War Thunder on the PlayStation 4. It’s likely flOw will miss its release date, we haven’t heard re-confirmation of Escape Plan yet, and War Thunder looks to be missing its release date, as detailed in the game’s FAQ:

It depends only on Sony of America, but we’re doing our best to bring War Thunder to US console players as soon as possible.

Once we find out a hard date for War Thunder in North America we’ll let you know, but the F2P game will definitely be releasing in Europe on November 29th.

To get a little more information about War Thunder, here’s a breakdown of some of the interesting parts in the FAQ:

  • All PS4 players get a unique decal for decorating your plane, and you can also buy an exclusive “Invader” Advanced Pack which includes US attack aircraft A-26C-45-DT Invader and other bonuses.
  • While a PlayStation Plus membership isn’t required to play, PlayStation Plus members will get a discount for buying a premium account and another unique decal for decorating their planes.
  • PC and PS4 Cross Platform play won’t be available at launch, but they are working on adding it in the future.
  • Due to “Sony’s current policy,” you’ll have to create a new account when playing on PS4, instead of carrying over your PC account. However, you can use your PS4 account to play on PC.
  • The PlayStation Camera is used for head tracking so you can look around in-game without using the controller.
  • PS Vita Remote Play won’t be available at launch, but it will be available “eventually.”
  • “There is no way to get any advantage in battles by spending real money.”

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