Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Selling Out of Japanese Stores

December 29, 2013Written by Heath Hindman



I’m kind of stupid sometimes.

But you already knew that.

On Wednesday last week, I had a chance to purchase the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Twin Pack for PSVita at a shop that had broken the street date (the official release was Thursday).  I went back today to see if it was still there and got no cigar. The Vita version of the twin pack and the standalone FFX version were sold out; the PS3 version (which includes both games) and standalone X-2 pack were in low supply.  And so began a trek around to practically every game shop in town (or at least within travel distance) to see if anyone had it.  The journey would end in dissatisfaction.

Nope, I didn’t get that FFX Twin Pack for my Vita, because it was sold out all over the damn place.  A lot of stores also had sold out PS3 versions, and FFX standalones, though FFX-2‘s standalone seemed to be available pretty much everywhere — not in high quantity, mind you, but usually available. Those red symbols on the image above? Yeah they say “Uri-kire,” and mean “sell cut,” which is how most places word their “Sold out” signs in Japan. I saw them a lot today. Early and often.

When Media Create’s sales charts come out later this week, you can expect what you’ve probably already been expecting: people buy Final Fantasy.