SCEA’s John Koller on PlayStation Move: “I Wouldn’t Call it Dead”

Aside from people who own Just Dance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that PlayStation Move wasn’t dead already, seeing as how there’s barely any upcoming games that will support it, with Until Dawn, Sportsfriends (it isn’t required though), and this from Media Molecule being examples of what you can expect.

When SCEA’s John Koller was interviewed by GotGame and the conversation moved to PlayStation Move, he revealed how he doesn’t think it’s quite dead yet:

I wouldn’t call it dead. As with any platform or device, you need to fuel it with [the] right type of development and the right types of games, so certainly I think that a strong set of games that are available as well as others that we’ve talked about publicly that would be coming.

The way we look at the evolution of motion gaming is deeply engrained in how to bring camera technology into the development process. That is what I think you’ll see as the change in both Move as well as the PlayStation 4 Camera as we move forward. It’s kind of the different ways to develop for it and it is exciting. Those will be announced as we go, and as games are announced publicly. There’s a lot of good innovation being done around camera technology.

Sticking with the PS4’s PlayStation Camera, Koller said, “We think that the camera is something that many developers are quite interested in” and “the idea of motion gaming is evolving a bit.” And for the future of motion gaming, they’re looking at “how can you integrate camera technologies and motion technologies in a way that consumers have never seen before. That’s our goal moving forward with it.”

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