RaD on No Multiplayer in The Order: 1886: “The Single-Player Story has to Trump Everything Else”

February 18, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


When it comes to The Order: 1886 not having multiplayer, we’ve heard Ready at Dawn CTO Andrea Pessino’s side of things and how it’s “better to do one thing well than a whole bunch half-assed. We are trying to make a [single player] experience you will enjoy.”

Going more in-depth with VG247, Ready at Dawn Co-Founder Ru Weerasuriya explained how multiplayer was originally considered for The Order: 1886, but ultimately not included due to single-player being the priority:

We discussed [multiplayer] very early on when we first started working on it. The reality of it, though, is that to achieve what we want and deliver the message we aim to deliver, especially with this being a new IP, we always felt like it would be great in multiplayer but that we weren’t sure it was the right way to introduce an IP.

The driving force of this game specifically was to put the IP first. That, and the single-player story has to trump everything else and we didn’t want the team to be split between two things, because it really does take a whole team to do a great single player game and another to do multiplayer.

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