Sony Understimated Demand for the PlayStation Camera

If you couldn’t tell by the fact that the PlayStation Camera for PS4 is continually sold out at retailers – even prompting some retailers to raise the price – it’s clear Sony wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming response from consumers for the device. This fact was confirmed by Chris Norden, Senior Staff Developer Support Engineer at Sony, who said (via GameSpot) they underestimated the demand, and the camera itself is “severely supply constrained” right now.

Norden also revealed just how popular the PlayStation Camera has been so far, saying it has an attach rate of about 15%. If you apply this math to every one of the 6+ million PS4s sold as of March 1st, then the PlayStation Camera has sold roughly 900,000 units so far.

For right now, Sony is working to get more PlayStation Camera stock into stores, but Norden ask everyone to “please be patient” as they do this. 

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