UK Report: Xbox One has Outsold the PS4 for the Last 4 Weeks

With the Xbox One getting a Titanfall Xbox One bundle when the game released last week, it’s unsurprising to learn that the Xbox One beat out the PS4 in sales last week in the UK, with hardware sales increasing 96% (the PS4 rose 72%, thanks to being in stock).

According to MCV though, the Xbox One has actually been outselling the PlayStation 4 (and every other console) over the last four weeks, which is due to many factors, including a reduced price, the release of Titanfall, and the fact that PS4 stock has been light recently.

Despite the Xbox One’s recent success over the PS4, retailers told MCV that the PlayStation 4 is still the overall leader in the UK, with more PS4s hitting the market today to support the launch of inFamous: Second Son (there’s a Second Son bundle as well).

Looking at worldwide numbers, the PS4 is at 6 million as of March 1st, with the Xbox One at 3 million sold as of December 31st, 2013.