“Huge Focus From Sony” on PS4 F2P Stuff in the Next Few Years due to Warframe’s Success

At the PlayStation Indie Event yesterday, Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher and Developer Relations at PlayStation, revealed to Destructoid that Outlast on PS4 has been downloaded 1.8 million times, with Don’t Starve at over 1 million. While both of those titles were offered for free through PlayStation Plus, the numbers are impressive nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Boyes also spoke with Polygon, where he confirmed that the #1 downloaded free app on PS4 is Netflix, with Warframe in 2nd. He wouldn’t give exact download numbers for Warframe, deciding to only say it’s over 2 million (to put this in perspective, the PS4 has sold over 7 million units).

Boyes added, “You will see a huge focus from Sony in the next few years on free-to-play stuff because of that good performance.” A Sony rep then said Warframe has been monetizing “at least as well” as F2P titles on PC.

As for whether F2P titles would hurt AAA or indie devs, Boyes said, “It’s not taking away from anyone. If you’re waiting for a game to come out, free-to-play is a great place to go and check stuff out.”

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