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EA Sports UFC Won’t be a Yearly Franchise According to Assistant Producer

As part of an exclusive interview with EA Sports UFC assistant producer Jazz Brousseau that’s set to go live later this week, PlayStation LifeStyle asked him whether the fighting sim will see a yearly release just like EA’s other sport franchise like Madden and FIFA. Depending on how you look at sports games, his answer might delight you.

The strategy for UFC is going to be the same strategy we took for Fight Night; so it’s not going to be a yearly release. It doesn’t give us enough time to make the big improvements that we want to make. It’s hard to put a day on it right now; but I would not expect to see one (UFC game) next year.

Yep, don’t expect to see EA Sports UFC ’15 next year. Unless, of course, EA changes its mind.  For more on EA Sports UFC, make sure to keep an eye out for other snippets, as well as the entire interview going up later this week.

EA Sports UFC will make its way onto the PlayStation 4 this June 17.