The Catch-Up: June 2nd, 2014 – Visceral Handling Battlefield: Hardline’s Single & Multiplayer

Less than 1 week until E3!

General News

  • For Battlefield: Hardline, Visceral GM Steve Papoutsis has revealed that “Visceral is leading the development of Hardline on both [single player] and [multiplayer], with collaboration from DICE.” [Twitter]
  • With such an overwhelming response to watch the PlayStation E3 2014 press conference in movie theaters, Geoff Keighley said, “I think they are looking into [expanding it to more theaters]. The response was incredible.” We’ll let you know if we hear anything more. [Via, Twitter]
  • The Falling Skies game for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC will be released this fall. Coming from Little Orbit, Falling Skies will be a tactical strategy RPG, “players will dive into a world gone wrong and command a squad of recently-rescued survivors who have been recruited into the human resistance fighting to save the planet. The team will engage in covert tactical operations against the Espheni fighting to survive against alien invaders while also rescuing and recruiting survivors to the join the 2nd Mass. With addictive strategy-based gameplay, players will be immersed into the unique story line with all their favorite heroes from the show.” [Press Release]
  • A PS Vita game from a new Sony studio called Pixelopus will be announced during E3 2014. [Source]
  • Gamefly has used copies of Beyond: Two Souls for $14.99 and the PS4 and PS3 versions of Thief for $19.99. [Via, Beyond, Thief PS4, Thief PS3]
  • Follow the link to see the new Mortal Kombat website. [Fight!]
  • An event for No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! will begin on Friday, June 6th, where you will be fighting against brand new heroes that never appear in normal dungeons. The top ranked players will receive big rewards, including special titles and rare monsters. But don’t worry, regardless of how well you do, all event participants will receive monsters to add to their Monsterpedias. [Source]
  • Patch 1.04 for the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Spelunky is now available in all regions. [Twitter]
  • GRID Autosport will feature 22 locations with a combined route list that totals over 100. [Check Them Out]
  • We have no idea if it will be coming to PlayStation, but the developers behind Spec Ops: The Line are going to be showing “a new game/IP with Grey Box” at E3 2014. [Twitter]
  • PlayStation sez, “From now until July 2nd, summon exclusive Soul Sacrifice Delta spirits in Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita!” [Twitter]
  • A North American digital release date for End of Serenity on PSP should arrive soon. [Twitter]
  • A Borderlands 2 PS Vita patch is in the works right now to “deal with some performance & control issues & various crashes.” [Twitter]
  • The PS Vita and 3DS versions of 1001 Spikes won’t include multiplayer. [Twitter]
  • With War Thunder launching in North America tomorrow, Gaijin has warned: “If you are already playing the European version of the game using your American PSN account, please DO NOT download and login to the American version of War Thunder untill update 1.41 is installed on the European server,  otherwise your progress may be lost. Just continue playing on the European server, and when 1.41 goes live in Europe, you can then install the American version and retain all of your progress.” [Source]
  • Starting at 1AM PDT/10AM CET on June 3rd, Battlefield 4 will be down for some maintenance. [Twitter]
  • Here’s your first screenshot for NHL 15 [Twitter]:


New Videos

  • Alongside the $39.99 regular edition, GameStop will be offering a $49.99 Special Edition for Enemy Front, which includes an exclusive single player mission (Raid on St. Nazaire), exclusive playable characters (British Commando & French Liberation Officer), exclusive weapons (M1 Garand and the Webley Pistol), and a soundtrack CD. Here’s a video about the game multiplayer in Enemy Front:

  • Here’s a look at the Favela map that will be included inside the Invasion map pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts:

I will have my revenge!