Uta Kumi 575 – 30 Screens of Sega’s Catchy Japanese Music Game

Uta Kumi 575 is a Japanese rhythm game starring two cute girls who have an odd dedication to haiku. I spoke briefly about it in May’s PlayStation JapanStyle. Diving into the full version, I’ve found the gameplay fun and the tunes catchy. So I’ve ah, got these 30 screenshots:

The game is a Japanese exclusive and there haven’t been any localization talks, but so far I find the game a strong recommendation for fans of the genre.  I’ll be posting a review this week.

Play-Asia.com has the standard version of the game and special premium edition, the latter of which is in higher stock. Right now, that special edition is discounted from $130 down to $99.99, so if you’re the type that likes the extra goodies (Vita case pictured below, cellphone straps, replica student ID cards), there’s that.


Look for a full review in the near future.