Yoshida: Promised PS4 Features Still in Development, Number of AAA Titles Getting Smaller due to Costs

Earlier this week, we let you know of a Sony rep saying, “It’s still a feature that’s planned, but at this time there’s not an update in terms of timing for it,” when referencing the PS4’s promised ability to remotely take control of a friend’s PS4 and helping them.

To try and get some answers about this missing feature, Kotaku spoke with Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida (see our video interview with him here), who only said:

Our team has been working on it. There are some things that we announced in February of last year that were not planned for the launch timeframe.

As for the suspend/resume feature, Shuhei says, “It’s not ready yet.” When probed further about when either of these will be ready, Yoshida replied, “I am asking the same question to my tech team every other week. Because every day I get reminded by lots of people: ‘Where is this? Where is that?’ It’s a great reminder for me.”

While we don’t know when those PS4 features are coming, we do know that Sony’s 1st party PS4 games for 2014 include The Last of Us Remastered, DriveClub, and LittleBigPlanet 3. When asked about the somewhat low number of big titles for the rest of the year, Yoshida said:

We’ve been saying that the number of AAAs might be getting smaller because the cost of development for AAAs is getting higher. But there are so many indie games and great games coming out almost every week or every other week. We’re seeing it on PS4. I hope you’re seeing it as well.

When any more news about those PS4 features and new firmware updates are given, we’ll let you know.