Bungie Explains What to Expect From Destiny Beta and How It Differs From the Alpha

We’ve already heard reports of what we’re set to experience in the Destiny beta, but Bungie has now explained in depth what we should expect this week, and how the beta will differ from the alpha. 

According to Community Manager David Dague, players will be let loose in Old Russia, which will also offer a new experience to the game’s alpha veterans. With the story expanded, players will be able to level up and earn promotion so everyone will be starting from scratch. Dague explained:

If we took everything from the alpha and said, well, we don’t need to do that again, I think a lot of people in our community would say, hey, wait a minute, I didn’t get my chance to do Sparrow jumps, to do Sparrow barrel rolls in Old Russia.

Bungie has declined to reveal whether there will be a level cap or not, but we’re told that we’ll find that out a few days into the beta. From the Crucible, new environments will be available but we’re not told what gameplay modes we should expect. When asked what will be on offer from Strikes, Dague said that Bungie wants players to “enjoy the exploration fantasy of Destiny.”

Speaking about the Ghost dialogue, all Dague revealed was that it will be “different” as a result of the alpha feedback.

Bungie has revealed that Destiny is its most “ambitious project ever” and it’s hoping to get some valuable feedback during the beta like it did during the alpha. 

[Source: Eurogamer]