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Destiny Companion App Shown in New Video, Available for iOS and Android, Windows Phone Version Not Planned (Update)


The Destiny companion app for iOS and Android is now live. So go download the app on your corresponding platform’s store, tinker with it and prepare for the beta which is just a day away at this point.

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Original Story:

As part of IGN’s new “IGN First” feature, we now have our first in-depth look at the Destiny companion app designed by Bungie to complement players who want to fiddle with their gear and stats while out not playing the game.

One of the key features of the app is that it will allow players to check out their characters in full-on 3D models. So, this means you can check out how your armor looks from all angles and even the weapons and loot you pick up. Not only that, but players can even equip their Guardians via the app and it will instantly be reflected in your in-game character.

The app will also help players keep track of their stats, progression, missions and even Destiny’s lore through the Grimoire cards players pick up in-game. Available for use once the Destiny beta starts later this week, the app will be free for all PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One users; and will be available for iOS and Android devices with Bungie saying a Windows Phone version of it is not planned at this time.

You can check out how the app works in the five-minute video above.

For more on Destiny, check out what game modes and content you can experience in the upcoming beta. Also, if you’re from the UK, you might want to pre-load the rather 15GB beta client right now since you can.

Are you looking forward to this or will it be another app that will take place in your phone but won’t be used?

[Source: IGN]