Activision Teams Up With Vice to Explore Private Military Contractors for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

There’s definitely something about developers conducting research for their video games. Just yesterday, I found myself quite intrigued by the documentary Ubisoft released detailing how developers sought inspiration for Far Cry 4’s world of Kyrat, and now, Activision has teamed up with Vice (which is also involved with the Far Cry 4 press campaign) to bring us the documentary below. In this interesting video, you get to explore the world of private military contractors and hear accounts of people who left the military to join PMCs. It’s definitely worth a watch.

What remains to be seen is how this research is reflected into the title. In Advanced Warfare, your enemy isn’t a typical terrorist or a dictator, rather a PMC called Atlas gone rogue. Atlas is headed by a power-hungry CEO played by actor Kevin Spacey.


[Source: Vice via Game Informer]