Nidhogg Announced for PS Vita, Includes Cross-Buy and Cross-Play

A few months back, Messhof announced that they’d be bringing the side-scrolling competitive fencing action of Nidhogg to the PlayStation 4 (see above). This week, Messhof was back to reveal that Nidhogg is also coming to the PlayStation Vita, complete with cross-buy and cross-play.

Also with the Vita version, you’ll be able to play in the single-player mode against AI opponents, connect to the PlayStation Network and battle against those on Vita or PS4, use ad-hoc to fight others with the game on Vita, and if you only have one Vita and two players, you can still play, with the left stick controlling one player and the right stick controlling the other.

No release window was given for Nidhogg on either PS4 or PS Vita.

[Source: PlayStation]