Oddworld Developer Says PS4 and Xbox One are “Basically PCs”

September 7, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Stewart Gilray, the head of Oddworld developer Just Add Water, says that consoles are getting easier to work with, and that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are “basically PCs.” In an interview with VG247, he said:

The biggest thing is that the PS4 and Xbox One are basically PCs. With the closed architecture, like you have in a Mac to some degree, it’s not as difficult to develop for PS4 as it was for the PS2. PSone was fairly easy to develop for, PS2 was “oh my god” hard, PS3 wasn’t as hard as PS2 and then, again, the PS4 isn’t as hard to develop for as the PS3.

In the same interview, Gilray said that his company had been asking Sony to make its systems easier to work with. He said that the PlayStation Vita is plug-and-play, and that the PS4 is “almost plug-and-play to some degree.” Gilray specifically lauded Sony’s Shahid Ahmad “and others” for helping to open up console development for PC developers. 

Gilray himself has been developing video games for 26 years and founded Just Add Water in 2006. The studio is most known for its Oddworld series. 

[Source: VG247]