Tekken 7 Location Tests Announced by Namco Bandai

September 15, 2014Written by Alex Co


Following Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada’s tease that new Tekken 7 info will be making its way this week, we now know what it is; and it’s a location test for the brawler.

According to Namco Bandai, Tekken 7 location tests will be conducted from October 3-5 at Namco Sugamo in Tokyo, and in Namco Nipponbashi in Osaka. Those who participate in the tests will get a “Bana Passport” present. Heihachi Mishima cards will be sent out in October 4, while Kazuya Mishima cards will make the rounds a day before on October 3. The card for the last day, October 5, has yet to be revealed.

The tests will be a battle between the two location spots where it’s being conducted, and if a user plays Tekken 7 at least 20 times, they will earn a “Special Thanks” in the staff credits in the arcade edition. Also of note, depending on the frequency of times you play Tekken 7 during these tests, players will be able to earn premium play for the arcade version. 

So. those based in Japan and are big Tekken fans, you might want to check it out next month. As for other Tekken 7 news, Namco is considering adding an Arab fighter to the mix depending on fan response, and Harada mentioned that the seventh official entry will a “very detailed background story.”

[Source: Tekken, Famitsu via Gematsu]