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Former WipEout Developers Creating a New Futuristic Racer

Sony Liverpool, the defunct studio credited with working on the WipEout series, may have closed its doors but some former developers from the company are back at work with a new studio, R8 Games. The indie studio has released a short video showing off its upcoming project called Formula Fusion, a futuristic racer. Over at WipEout Zone forums, the developer said about the clip:

Whilst it is mainly a visual prototype – rather than a fully balanced gameplay example (at the moment) It was actually created (in a few months I might add) to stir things up with publishers, to generate interest and also to provide funding opportunities – in the same way a ‘pilot’ may be used for films with investors. It is a ‘Huge’ project and not one that we can do without help – so we are being brave and aiming high. 

R8 Games also said that “very few” publishers consider AG Racing to be a “valid” next-gen genre.

I personally wouldn’t mind playing a next-gen WipEout-style game, so good luck to the studio in its endeavors!

[Source: WipEout Zone]