Former Nintendo Indie Boss Working on Upcoming PS4, PS Vita Platformer Axiom Verge

Former Nintendo of America indie boss Dan Adelman has teamed up with Tom Happ to help him create his “Metroidvania” platformer Axiom Verge, which is set to come out in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC.

Although Happ created Axiom Verge from scratch, Adelman, who left Nintendo only a month ago, will be helping with the marketing of the game, as well giving his input on other business-related decisions. 

Inspired by platformer games like Bionic Commando and Metroid, Axiom Verge will have players explore large, non-linear areas as they shoot up numerous enemies using a large arsenal of weapons and tools. The game also will have a sort of Wreck-It Ralph thing going on, allowing players to use glitches to disrupt enemies or get into hidden areas.

What do you think about an ex-Nintendo man working on Axiom Verge? Do you think he will make the game Metroid-ier?

[Source: GameSpot]