DICE Looking to Implement Field Upgrade, Objective Play Changes and More to Battlefield 4

October 10, 2014Written by Alex Co


With DICE’s latest update for Battlefield 4 making significant changes to the gameplay, as well as other factors, it seems the developer has liked what it has seen so far, as it’s planning to do further major tweaks to the shooter.

In an interview, DICE LA Producer David Sirland  talks about some of the changes that might come to BF4.

For instance, we want to revamp how Field Upgrades work and change the rules a little bit and make team-play more viable using [Field Upgrades] as a tool…Maybe even add a Field Upgrade selection, if you will — a team-play-based one.

Another planned tweak, which most Battlefield players will love, is how objective play work, with Sirland acknowledging that most people play BF4 with KD (kill/death ratio) in mind.

Kind of like the change to weapon balance that we did now to make the engagements longer, we will do the same thing to the objective play. We think people play Battlefield a little too much on the K/D…And, we want people that come into the game new or people that haven’t been playing in a while, or whatever, we want them to come in and feel like, ‘Oh, hey. Playing Conquest, grabbing flags, and defending them actually gives me more or as many points as the guy that’s the best at killing people.

Unfortunately, though, don’t expect any of these updates anytime soon, as same with the “Fall Patch,” players who are participating in the CTE (Community Test Environment) will need weeks — if not months — of testing before any of these changes are released to the public.

As a self-confessed Battlefield fan, the latest update really changed things for BF4 and for the better. Let’s hope the planned tweaks make it out soon. Otherwise, some fans might move on to the next military shooter if it takes too long.

Have you played Battlefield 4 recently? What do you make of the latest update? And what do you propose DICE changes next?

[Source: MP1st]