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Battlefield 4 CTE Coming to Consoles, No Definite Time-Frame for Release

Apparently, Microsoft and Sony aren’t ready…

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Launch Trailer Brings Future Warfare

See the chaos that awaits.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Release Date Revealed for Premium and Non-Premium Users

Future warfare on the battlefield has a date.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Map and Gadgets Info Revealed

Remote controlled drone with an LMG? Yep…

DICE Looking to Implement Field Upgrade, Objective Play Changes and More to Battlefield 4

Don’t expect it anytime soon, though.

User Stats Reveal Battlefield 4 Now More Popular on PS4 Than PC

64-players now available on PS4 surely helped.

EA Announces Battlefield 4 “Battlefest” for Fans, to Include Contests, Prizes and More

Prepare for prizes and in-game content.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson Explains Battlefield 4 Launch Issues, Claims It’s “Unacceptable”

Unplayable at launch for many, right?