Lindsay Lohan Takes GTA V Lawsuit to the Next Level, Adds a 67-Page Complaint

Lindsay Lohan isn’t giving up on her lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto V developer, Rockstar. With Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two’s lawyers requesting that the case be dismissed, Lohan decided to take it to the next level by adding a 67-page complaint that talks about “common interest among all celebrities, actors, singers, and athletes … to protect their likeness and personas from misappropriation by unscrupulous merchandisers.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, the new complaint includes 45 pages of photographic evidence, which also contains photos of the game’s disc and a picture of Lohan taken in 2007. 

The Defendants were in the business of selling games as opposed to artists displaying artwork in galleries for profit where unauthorized images or portraits of individuals were reproduced in limited editions as opposed to the mass production for commercial promotion and financial gain.

Your turn, Take-Two.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]