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Rock Band 4 Could Still Happen, Will Hopefully Use Last-Gen Instruments

In a recent interview with Forbes, Harmonix employees Nick Chester and Matt Boch talked about the possibility of Rock Band 4, and if it would be compatible with last-gen instruments.

While Rock Band 4 is not currently being made, Chester and Boch noted that Rock Band 3 is still incredibly popular, and the series is deeply embedded in the “DNA” of Harmonix.

We love Rock Band, it’s in the company’s DNA.  We own the IP. And when the time’s right we will absolutely come back to it. There’s a whole bunch of factors to take into consideration before jumping in that pool again, but there’s a desire for it, absolutely.

If Rock Band 4 ever did become a game, Chester and Boch noted that they would love to allow last-gen instruments to work on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and would “do everything in our power to make sure there’s compatibility with those instruments if we were to make another Rock Band game.”

What do you think of this news? Do you still play any Rock Band titles?

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