Human Head Studios on Cancelled Prey 2: “We Remain Proud of Our Work”

With Prey 2’s cancellation official, developer Human Head Studios offered up some brief comments about the project.

Speaking with VG247, Human Head Business Development Director Tim Gerritsen revealed that they’re proud of the work done on Prey 2, and they haven’t worked on the game for some time:

We can confirm that Human Head Studios has not been involved with Prey 2 for some time.

While we are disappointed that we won’t be able to deliver our vision of the game, we remain proud of our work on the franchise, which we feel speaks for itself, including the award-winning presentation of the game at E3 2011.

We enjoyed working with the many talented people at Bethesda, and we wish them all the best of luck with any future plans they may have for the franchise.

Gerritsen’s comment about Human Head not being involved with Prey 2 “for some time” adds some evidence to the rumor that Bethesda tried to hand over development to Arkane Studios.

Whatever the case, Prey 2 is no longer happening.

[Source: VG247]