Sniper Elite 3 PS4 Update Adds Shooting Range, Capture the Flag, New Maps & More

Today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, Sniper Elite 3 on PlayStation 4 will be receiving a new patch, which adds a bunch of new content to the game for free.

Adding in a new single-player mode, new multiplayer mode, and new maps, here’s everything included in the new Sniper Elite 3 PS4 update:

New Single-Player Mode

The Shooting Range

  • It might sound funny for something that sounds so simple, but the Shooting Range is actually one of the most beautiful environments we’ve made and includes dedicated rifle, pistol and SMG ranges with a load of weapon specific challenges (including some hidden ones), or of course you can just practice with no pressure and get a better understanding of bullet drop over distance.
  • A keen sniper will know we’ve actually been developing and adding loads of new weapons packs to Sniper Elite 3 since launch, but the Shooting Range allows you to try them all out for free so you can pick out and try your perfect load outs for your favourite modes.

New Co-Op Level

Twilight Strike

  • Tasks you with retaking Tobruk under the cover of darkness. We’ve tweaked some of the basic rules of the mode so that the map is more open for both players, there are more tactical choices, optional hidden objectives and new achievements – we think this could be the best Overwatch mission yet.

New Multiplayer Mode

Capture the Flag

  • Eagle-eyed snipers are still key to victory, but players will need to co-ordinate together to successfully assault the enemy base and capture the flag, relying on each other to protect the flag bearer and their own base from enemy attacks.

New Multiplayer Maps


  • Takes place amongst a secret weapons factory built across a jungle chasm that has been deserted for some time.

Outpost Canyon

  • An abandoned supply line high in the windswept Atlas Mountains, Outpost Canyon’s rolling landscape and level flow encourages snipers to think carefully about their surroundings, and use the foliage and natural cover to seek out new sniping opportunities.

Night Watch

  • One of the most challenging maps in the series, taking players to an oasis shrouded in darkness and the ruins of an old town turned into a makeshift camp for enemy troops.

What do you think of all the new content? Do you still play Sniper Elite 3?

[Source: PS Blog]